A chargeback is a request for the customer to have their money returned.

This usually happens when fraud has been committed, the guest doesn’t recognize a transaction on his or her statement and it can also happen when a customer is not happy with their purchase for a certain reason.

From the time the customer issues a chargeback, the merchant does have a certain amount of time (specified in the notification from the bank) to prove that the customer did in fact use the services. The decision is ultimately the banks decision to make however the more information we can provide in the dispute the better.  But of course, the first step would be to avoid them to start with.

Avoiding a Chargeback

The best way to avoid chargebacks is to have a check in procedure including a few steps that can help avoid or at the very least dispute a chargeback.

Doing at least one of the below, or a combination of the below will help avoid any chargebacks Applying to you.

  • Confirming the ID of the person arriving matches the name of the card who paid for the voucher. (We include this in the confirmation email we send you at the time of booking)
  • Confirm the card is present by matching the first 4 and last 3 digits of the card used. (also printed on the confirmation email we sent you when the booking was made)
  • Take a copy of the ID and/or Card
  • Keep record of any contact information, ID, Vehicle Details for guests.

How the Chargeback Process Affects You & How Bookit Will Help.

When Bookit receives a notification of the chargeback from our bank we will attempt to immediately contact the customer to discuss the situation and can hopefully resolve the issue immediately, if we are unable to make contact or they stand by the chargeback we will contact you for any information you may have on the person that did arrive. We will then dispute the charge including any and all information you can help provide. Should the bank still decide to apply the chargeback due to insufficient evidence we will then debit this amount from future bookings on your bookit account as per the T&C. Should this happen and then the dispute is accepted the funds would be returned.
We understand chargebacks can be an extreme inconvenience appreciate any assistance from our operators with disputing the charge on your behalf.