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Hi all

Our BookIt developers  have been busy typing fast, trying to keep their fingers warm. As a result, we have some excellent new features and enhancements.

These include the ability to set default number of customers and also bundle up products to create packages. You can now re-direct your customers on booking confirmation.

Now is also the perfect time to check your summer rates are loaded to ensure you are bookable throughout the busy summer season.

Price change for reseller bookings
On 1st July 2015, the default rate for bookings through the BookIt network will increase from 12% commission to 13% commission plus 2% card processing fees. This will apply to all bookings via the BookIt reseller network, unless you have an agreement with a specific reseller.

It does not apply where you use BookIt on your own website – those commission rates are not changing.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please get in touch.

Default number of customers
You can now set or change the default number of customers. This is really handy for operators that have a minimum of  two or more people per booking.

To set this up, log into BookIt and click on ‘Set up‘ then ‘Products‘ then ‘Details‘. You will now see a new option to set the default number of customers.

Get set for the first-ever TRAVELtech New Zealand
The local edition of Australasia’s leading online travel, distribution, digital marketing and tech event.

It’s being held at the Pullman Auckland on June 25 and features a topical, fast-moving program, great networking and excellent speakers.

TTNZ has a focus on online travel, e-commerce, distribution, digital marketing, mobile, social media, technology, web trends and other key issues.

Founded in 1999, TRAVELtech has an outstanding track record with an international reputation for strong programs, real information, entertaining speakers and excellent networking.
Get your tickets to TRAVELtech here

Bundle up your products to create packages
If you have multiple products you can bundle them up to create packages. This makes booking two or more products a cinch and will only add to your bottom line.

Best part of packages is they use your current inventory so no chance of overbooking. To have packages activated on your account please email us.
Click here for an example of packages

Redirect your customers to a specific web page
We now have the functionality enabled for activity businesses to be able to redirect customers to a specific webpage upon booking confirmation.

Some examples include:

> Redirect customers to a dedicated ‘Thanks for booking with us’ page

> Redirect customers to another booking page e.g. Do you need any accommodation?

> Send them to your Regional Tourism Website to help them plan their trip

> Take them back to your home page

All you need to do is email us the link and once approved we will embed it in to your BookIt account.

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That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

From the BookIt team

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