Updating your photos in BookIt

Login to your BookIt, go to SETUP, then EDIT BUSINESS. Click on IMAGE GALLERY:

Image Gallery

* It’s easy to load new images, just choose your file and then click CONTINUE and repeat, until you’ve loaded them all.  NB Maximum size is 4MB.

Upload Images Screenshot

* Here you can view your current photos.  If you want to change the one you currenlty have set as the ‘Key Image’, simply find the image you want as a the main one then click on ‘Set as Key Image’ and click CONTINUE.

* You can also easily change the order of your photos, simply number them 1, 2, 3 etc and like magic they’ll order themselves – so long as you click CONTINUE.

Configure Images Screenshot

We recommend at least 8-10 photos. If you are an accommodation operator, your listing will be pulling through to Travelbug and it’s essential that you have a minimum of 4 photos, as these 4 photos are the first thing a potential guest will see.

Example of how to do it right:

Example how to do it right

Example of how not to do it:

How Not to do it

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